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I purchased a 30 piece of original chicken at the Hanover Pa. store.

I took out a pathetic leg. I started to eat it and it had a weird taste to it, so i thought it may just be my tastebuds. When i got home everyone started to eat and they all started to complain about how bad the chicken tasted, I also tried another piece and it was so nasty, i had to rinse my mouth with mouthwash, so did the rest of my family. I called the store and the manager told me they were using a different oil to fry the chicken in and most people like the new taste, REALLY???????

I told him I wanted my money back and he told me he could give me a refund for the chicken that wasn't eaten. I had my 5 children and my six grandchildren plus myself and my husband, that's 12 pieces right off the bat!!! I THREW the disgusting chicken away and started up the grill! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE YOUR CHICKEN AGAIN AT THE HANOVER PA.

STORE!!! NEITHER WILL ANYONE I KNOW! If we ever get nasty tasting chicken again, I WILL have it tested by my friend.Your chicken is to *** expensive to have to throw it out because your employees are incompetent! I Really hope when i go to another store to get your chicken, it tastes as wonderful as it always use too!

I would still like to get my refund, but I hear that your company ignores these complaints. Oh well, your going to wish you made things right with your loyal customers!

Review about: Kfc Chicken.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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I had a similar experience, called it in to the 800 number and then to the restaurant. The Manager knew the chicken was horrible!

Politely provided me with a credit (which I gave away because if anyone could serve that meal to a customer, they are already suspect). It's not about free chicken but exercising my right to go elsewhere when dealing with Managers who are clueless to customer service.

No one wants free chicken if it taste horrible. At least the Manager at this location understood how to resolve a conflict to a customer satisfaction.


You have to return the product to get your money back. Even though it is a big inconvenience, and they should of offered all the money back, they are not going to give you money for nothing. They are doing what every store does and what they should do.


If the chicken was that bad why did you eat five, looks like you are lying and trying to get a free meal out of this. Another person that has to result to lies to get free food because they have more children than they can feed.

to Anonymous #855592

I hardly doubt they are lying. KFC is disgusting. The chicken isn't real anyways!

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