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I asked how they were doing in cutting up chickens for their business.As I bit into a wing and the sharp bones that were broken jabbed my gum.

He said he would check into it. I spent many years working in Food Service, I do not believe I have seen this many broken bones on chicken wings when I was working. Today I had 6 wings on a buffet line, every wing was broken, I do not think the servers are the ones breaking these bones. I am curious as to how these wings are broken?

Are you also aware of the sharp bones that are in the wings when cooked and served?

Wings are the most sought after piece for my taste.Just thought you ought to know that the process for handling the bird is breaking bones that leave sharp bones in the cooked end product.

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Irving, Texas, United States #1213366

The buffet wings are from molested chickens.These are used in southern, religious, sex rituals before they are shipped off to KFC.

They grab the chickens tightly by the wings and then FK them in the @$$ hard.

This is how the wings usually get broken.Have you been finding broken legs, too?

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