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First time working there an I think her name is Rowena she is very rude an mean I have never did anything to anyone I'm a very good work never late always on time an I so my job well I started at six months pregnant around 8 an half months pregnant I went in the hospital because of Early labor an she the store manager got very angry at me because of something I couldn't control two the second thing is when I actually gave birth witch was done by a C-section I told her I was going on maternity leave she was very upset three after giving birth I stay away for just three weeks an came back to work an found out she fired me a day later other managers were begging and pleading me to come back then now on mother's day I called eight in the morning to my store to let her know I would be able to come in because of two of my kids having stomach virus an my husband having stomach virus so she told me in her own word that if I didn't come in today I no longer have a job an I asked why an she said because everyone has to work mothers day ,? But I'm a very good worker never called out except today the whole time I've been there customer love me but I will no longer ever work for kfc again work experience there was great but working with miss rowlanda was horrible

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Charity hum let's see (an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need)Never was I in need that was my side job an no one raised money for me get your facts straight honey get off your high horse an sleep on that for a minute just because what I posted doesn't me am lac of money or need help don't judge a book by its cover I'm probably living better than you.


Waaaay too much drama. Employers need their workers to show up and perform their duties.

If you can’t do that, they will replace you. They are a business, not a charity.

to sandralynndavis #1491252

Wow a charity once again I was always at work never called out but once so once again I will say u don't know the situation that happen so stay away from the comment box why don't you go work there an see Sandra thanks you for making my day even better wow your one of those people I can tell by your comment very funny an stupid when u don't know anything have a blessed day

to sandralynndavis #1491256

And from the sounds of it you have nothing better to do but comment on my post with negativity an dumbness when you know nothing you seem like you need a friend go be stupid dumn minded on someone post thanks Sandra I pray for people like you so sad


And I still worked there after that she begged me like everyone else to come back soon I'm confused what are you reading an having early labor is not an excuse it's something that natrually happens


From the sound of it you really didn't work there at all...and to call in on mother's day is a no no in the restaurant world..sorry, but you come off like one of those people that don't want to work and have every excuse why you were fired for not being dependable..i would of fired you to...for future reference, actually go to work..dont call in every week...and learn how to use proper punctuation..your whole comment is a mess.


You were fired because you are considered not dependable. Simple. Find another job.

to h.kitchener #1486656

Excuse me you don't even now the situation I was always at work never have I ever called out nothing but one time when I worked there an worked my *** off keep your rude comments to yourself

to h.kitchener #1486668

You you obviously need reading glasses because what I said from what you're saying doesn't make any sense at all

to Anonymous #1486674

You obviously don't even know the situation so stay away from the comment box thanks have a blessed day

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