My sister and I went to kentucky fried chicken to get our supper and the guy at the counter was rude . We order our food and he just throw it in the bag so when got where we were going we sat down to eat and we had half of our food .

We paid extra for cold slaw didn't get it and the food was bad couldn't eat it throw it away. We were really upset to pay for food and not get what you ordered. This was real rip off. We have always liked the food before.

Just wanted to let you know.

The store was in Gorham N.H. off 4 West.

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We stopped along I-65 in Southern Indiana at KFC and ordered two Potato Bowls. We have had them before and were happy with them.

The ones we got here were made with BATTER SCRAPS that had fallen off the fried chicken.

KFC is really "JUNK FOOD".


Tasha that is no excuse for the problems they were having. If the guy did not understand the order then he should have repeated the order to make sure it was right.

If I was her I would have called the KFC and asked to speak to the manager. 1. To complain about the way I was treated.2. To complain about my order and last .

Because it did not taste good. If the call did not work I would take my receipt to that branch to talk to the manager so that he could take care of them.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #210292

Cold slaw? :grin :p

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #210054

If you talked to them the same way you wrote this letter perhaps he did not give all the food you ordered because he could not understand. Typing in simple fourth grade English helps people understand the letter better.

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