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My family and I went to the kfc in Gillette Wyoming for dinner May 1 2018. I work late so we got there around 7:30 that evening.

We get the buffet. Had to be there before 8 because they shut the buffet down. Most of the salad part was empty and has withered lettuce. Got to the mane course.

No chicken fried steak, a little chicken, mashed potatoes crusty and minimal, chicken n dumplings hard and nasty, and bacon cheese potatoes were the same as the regular potatoes. Now there was fresh desert. Im not there for that. The counters were disgustingly dirty along with the floors.

The trashes were overflowing and the staff was running in circles. There was a young lady working Sofia. She was trying her hardest. There also another young man named Mark that was very rude.

She told him not to put the buffet away because people were still eating off of it. He tells her back, im not they can eat whats left in a very rude way. I and another customer heard that. He made it in my opinion as we can eat the *** thats left.

We are paying customers not animals. There were no small lids the floor was dirty. Icecream was low. We spoke to the shift manager and wanted him to know the rudness that came from his employee.

He did say it would be taken care of. Being short staffed and behind i understand, but looking that bad had to have been a half day of nothing. 2xs this has hapoened.

2 mobths prior we were turned away from the buffet at 7:50 because they close it at 8, but stay open until 10. I don't understand that rationality.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kfc Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You act like animals you get treated like one.


First of all they stay open until 10. One day the buffet is on until 9 then another 8.

Its whatever or who ever is working I guess. Second of all the rudeness of one of the employees was uncalled for. I understand we get tired and grumpy, but we also learn when working customer service I dont care how tired you are you dont make comments like he did about they can eat the *** thats left. We weren't the only upset people there.

Another customer videoed the place. And answer to the other comment.

We haven't been back since. We have chose another place to eat.

to Anonymous #1508202

Maybe you should cook at home and make your own chicken if you are going to be rude. You don't want to be treated like an animal then do not behave like one.

Trust me someone like you won't be missed. I just feel sorry for the people other place that has to deal with you.


I made it half way through your complaint then stopped reading...why would you go to a buffet 30 minutes before they close?? Of course most of the stuff was gone and the place was messy..

restaurants aren't going to make full pans of food a half hour before they shut down..its called food cost. Anybody with half a brain knows not to go to a buffet ANYTIME near their closing time. How do you expect the place to be spotless right after their dinner rush?? That's why the employees were running around.

They were trying to clean up and go home.

Restaurants are still ran by human beings..humans get tired, angry and can't do everything perfectly all the time. People seems to think that businesses are ran by robots..when that day comes then you can expect everything to be perfect.

to Anonymous #1508204

It is obvious that the OP is not very bright. I wonder if he or she even made it past the fifth grade.

I like how she complains about being treated like an animal, but can treat others like animals. We should not blame her though.

Obviously her parents brought her up wrong. The OP is obviously not human, and therefore should not be treated like one.


Probably best to find some place else to eat from now on.

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