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Mashed potatoes

Just not sure why I didn't get my mashed potatoes and I showed up 5 minutes after they closed to ask for my mashed potatoes and the woman stood behind the glass and told me we're closed and wouldn't even speak to me. I'm not the type of person that complains I just would have liked for her to speak to me . I'm not pissed off I just wanted my mashed potatoes and I know they have a ton of stuff they throw out so I just wanted my potatoes.



When do the w2s get sent out? Ive been waiting since January.


baked beans

how long can i keep the baked beans in the ice box


Look alike photo of the Colonel to submit

What is the address where I can send a photo of my husband who looks like the Colonel. Everyone tells us to submit a picture because he looks more like the Colonel Sanders than the man in your commercial you have on air now.


Frenchise halal ( kosher)

Like to open a Halal Frenchise store in Broward County Florida.


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