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I saw on facebook how your employees covered their mouth so a deaf person, who can read lips, couldn’t understand or get served. Despicable and reflects poorly on KFC everywhere. Certainly a black mark on KFC and employees that should all be dismissed!

You surely brought shame to Byram Mississippi.

Deaf people are not freaks, employees that mock them are.

Customer’s first should be the moto. It does not matter their handicap, color of skin, religion or their ethnicity.

This is a serious reflection on KFC in every location.

Kentucky Fried Brains, Kentucky Fried Brains, Kentucky Fried Brains, Kentucky Fried Brains, hundred words, hundred words, hundred words, hundred words, hundred words. Why must details be 100 words or more? KFB

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This is not acceptable! To treat a dead couple in that matter and for the store owner to say they werent mocking them *** Why when asked did the employee not uncover her mouth then walk away and begin laughing with another employee!

So now your saying on top of being humiliated by your employees that the deaf couple are liars! Shame on you...KFC corporate for allowing this!

to Carrie #1508205

Do you know how foolish your comment sounds. Are you saying that deaf people do not lie. Deaf people lie like everyone else.


I am both surprised and appalled by the lack of a public statement being made by KFC in regards to an employee(s) at a store in Mississippi this month blatantly disrespecting and ridiculing a deaf couple who were trying to order food. I am in Georgia and have heard about it so the word is spreading like wildfire.

If you at the corporate level have so little respect for people with handicapping conditions, of different races, ethnicity, age, or gender I suppose it is easy for your employees to adopt the same attitude. This issue occurred nearly two weeks ago and I have yet to see a public statement from your company.


KFC needs to do the right thing to these people that were treated so poorly because of their handicap. Video going viral, try over 30 million views now.

Shame on you KFC. Your food isn't rocking so hot anymore. My food order is always messed up. Biscuits are always hard as a rock.

All your stores employs only teenagers with I don't care attitudes. Pretty soon you will be a memory of what was once a good restaurant chain. People are tired of a bunch of smart mouth teenagers waiting on them. Do the right thing KFC and clean your kitchens out.

Also do the right thing for the hearing impaired coupled that were humiliated by your employees. Shame on you KFC, I am all the way in Ohio, so the word is getting out there.


After reading this I was appalled... The younger generation have no work values and are disrespectful.

Those employees need to be fired.. call the store and complainAddress: 100 Byram Pkwy, Byram, MS 39272Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10PMMenu: kfc.comPhone: (601) 346-7659In this day and age customer service is a foreign concept I have see more and more employees with the " I do not care Attitude" and sometimes they make you feel as though you are bothering them when they have to put there phone down to check you out..

to Anonymous #1501932

Has this employee been fired yet? She should! Does anyone know her name?

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