Today a man was brutally attcked by a gang of men outside a KFC. The man was simply getting a bucket of chicken to take home to his grand kids when a gang of black people beat him severely and stole his chicken,wallet, and car.

The victim was white and was not put on the news because the NAACP says that when the news reports black crime it puts black people in a negative light. The man was treated for his injuries and will make a full recovery.

However, via listening to a police scanner, the police caught the attackers shortly after and killed the attackers since they threw a spear at the cops. A picture is attached to show the onset of the attack.

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Harrodsburg, Kentucky, United States #1276353

Listen numbnuts just read the post it was made to be funny seriously ready where it says a spear was thrown at a cop come on can not believe you think this was true laugh a little was funny

Stockbridge, Georgia, United States #1202393

Interesting story


This photo was Photoshopped. You can tell by the way he holds the chicken.

Seffner, Florida, United States #597127

this is ***. the people , the black people dont line up like that in baltimore. this is a pic from africa .....thats it that all!!!!


I know this is racist but it is funny.


Wow. Imagine what would have happened if he had been carrying a watermelon too.

to The Bitter Truth Inyo County, California, United States #934514

He would be incinerated, now if he had some conebread and some kool-aid too, there would of been a legit tsunami of black people that will block out the sun for days and the corn people from The New Corn Republic, aka Iowa, would starve from the lack of corn becouse the lack of sun that was caused from the black tsunami. THEY NEED THAT CORN to keep there corn homes warm and there corn children fed during there cornwinter which snows baby corns which damages there corn homes.

This also brings a domino effect if there is no corn then there is no conebread and if there is no conebread then there will be great anarchy and it will destroy america as we know it.

It would be conebreadless like Afroca and we all know how it is over there, so many warlords and stuff.

Also this would anger the Corn God that inhabits Pluto, which is the birthplace of corn and all corn kind.

The corn people would lose there advantage point to concur earth in turn would gives the bears a much more advantage in the war... LET THE POWER OF CONEBREAD AND FRIED CHICKEN BE WITH YOU.......OHO


Wow. Imagine what would have happened if he had been carrying a watermelon too.


This is fake and ***.


I believe it


Get a job jack@!#$SS and you will be able to buy meds for your MENTALLY RETARDED CONDITION!!!!! :x :x :x :x :upset :upset :upset :zzz :zzz :zzz :p :p :eek :eek

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