Kfc Three Piece Box Combo Meal Reviews

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The worst chicken i have ever got from kfc. It was about 4:30pm on 10-12-16 we wanted orginal they was out we got extra crispy i ordered 3 3pc dinner all 9 pieces were old and dried out and way to much salt. Not 1 of the 3 of us was able to eat it. So there went 26 dollars and some odd change down the drain. This was in Bonner Spings Kansas i paid with a debit card i asked for a reciept she said it was in the bag. The worst experince i have ever...
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Anonymous Wild guess: All of the food was quickly consumed and this goof is searching for a handout. Again.

Yesterday aftetnoon I went through the drive through at Bonner springs KFC. There was one car ahead of me snd none in patking lot. I waited for some time before anyone ask for my order. After trying to give my order three times I was close to driving off. Finally I was able to give my order, 2,3 piece chicken. 1 original and 1 extra crispy. When I go up to the window, a sack was shoved at me without the drinks. I had to ask for them. ...
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Hi my name is Marilyn, I brought a 3pc.of chicken with two sides thru the dive thru.@ 29th & Dauphin St location.Had to repeat my order three times and when I finally got my order it was wrong. Got home. and had to return it for what I initially asked for. When I got inside I spoke to the manager and told her what happened . She spoke to the person at the drive thru who confirmed my order. The manager who was suppose to fix the order, also gave...
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I decided to eat out at KFC since I had not been there in several months. I noticed a sign at entrance telling me that they were under new management. I ordered the 3 piece meal as this is my favorite order. Was told that I would have to wait 13 minutes or I could have 6 wings instead. I decided to wait the extra time. Upon arriving home, there were only 2 thighs, a leg and no breast. I could not find any beans on the order chart. I...
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I didn't like
  • Greasy tasteless chicken dry beans