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On 6/27/08, my husband purchased a 16 piece bucket of original chicken from 1235 Central Avenue Kentucky Fried Chicken in Albany, New York.

After getting the chicken home, it wasn't what he ordered, but kids were hungry. So, we picked out the chipolte pieces and doled out the extra crispy pieces. We were all at various stages of eating our chicken when one of the children discovered that her chicken was raw to the point of bleeding.

Upon inspection, all 16 peices were raw. Those who consumed the chicken were vomiting and had severe

diaharrea the following day and the next four days.

KFC Corp. and the local franchisee were both contacted. Neither of them seems to be concerned with what my family has gone through. This seems absurd to me! If you google KFC and Raw Chicken, you will find testimony from family after family with similar stories to mine. This Corp. and their "adjuster" continues to attempt to put the responsibility on me and my husband (ie., why didn't we have rectal swabs done on me and the kids? How do we know that it was the chicken that made us sick? "Being sick for 4 days isn't really THAT serious").

Nobody in my family has ever dealt with food poisoning before, so we weren't adept at knowing all of the "ins and outs" of what to do to PROVE that this franchisee poisoned us. It sure is interesting to me, however, that KFC and its adjuster surely knew how to imply that my husband and I had somehow failed our family and knew step by step what to do when you get food poisoning. It seems like they've dealt with this issue before, but want to put it on me and my husband. REALLY?

When is this Corporatation and its franchises going to accept responsibility for feeding it's consumers RAW CHICKEN? That is the real issue here!

To me, this corporation is committing fraud! On the cover of each bucket, it states that each piece of chicken is inspected for quality. Where was our quality check? Or maybe one wasn't done, and it's more likely due to the fact that our local health department found a number of the fryers broken our not working properly.

Let's not take any more of this CHICKEN ****!

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Georgetown, Texas, United States #1299930

After all the other letters about KFC I don't have to go into too many details about my experience.

I found some strange little bones in something I was chewing on.

My first thought was crushed chicken bones

It was in a glob of fried coating attached to the larger piece of

chicken. I spit them out and saved it. Another piece of chicken and same experience. I think my daughter solved the

puzzle by saying it could be a mouse.

The feel of those bones

broken, clicked into that answer. I took it to the store and they denied any and all responsibility and were VERY rude. That's why I'm going to the health department.

Sounds like they need to clean up the whole company, franchises and all. Run out of business.


1) sue

2) who eats KFC anymore? It's 2015 and that place is trashy

to tangow616 Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1212762

She cannot sue she knowingly allowed her children to eat the chicken after she found out it was raw. Someone needs to report her to CPS for child endangerment.


Jesus Christ, people! Just go vegetarian already.

No more worries.

Watch the recent "Frontline" special on PBS on chicken and salmonella. If that doesn't make you an instant vegetarian, then I don't know what will!


i usually like KFC but the last time i eat it i threw up 7 times that night and i was throwing up blood!! :(


ready for the truth....can you handle it?


I had an even worse icident KFC sold me chicken with live worms inside, which I discovered until the next day in a 20 pieces bucket.. I did complain as well but they just didnt give a ***, they were just interested in making it very clear that they "follow all the procedures and blah blah" so implying that I jsut decided to put 55 hour live worms on my 15 hour after fried chicken...

like just for funsies or something? It is the worst company ever and I will post this everywhere I can

girlie girl

I just wanted to say that in 11th grade I was babysitting a friends boyfriend ordered KFC because one would bring it to us.....................I got food poisining so bad I had to go to the hospital..................I didnt eat chicken for 3 years and I am still scaried of it!!!

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #25523

Did you and your family go to the hospital for your obvious food poisoning? You could get your medical records and see a lawyer. Maybe you could sue them.

to CiCi Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1212765

She knowingly fed her children raw chicken. When she found otu it was raw, she still let them eat the chicken.

She cannot sue for that. She should be more concerned that someone does not report this to CPS for child endangerment.

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