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I went to this restaurant on monday September 10 2018 at 9:55 pm. Online states they are open from 10:30am to 10:30pm sun-thurs.

They store were locked one car facing store all the chairs were up and the store says they are open between 10:30am to 10:30pm they food ne ok sometimes depending 9n who is working but they really need to be trained and when complaints arise something should be done instead of just verbally saying something. When you are paying your money you are entitled to great product and good customer service.

I truly hope whoever closed super early get in trouble for that. I came on the bus to have them be closed 35 minutes early so now I to walk to another restaurant for food for my kids when this location is closer than other locations.

Review about: Kfc Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First off all you dummies can kick rocks judging me whatever im disabled. Visually impaired to be exact and I am a mother of 6 do not receive food stamps work part time and receive disability plus my husband my kid's father which I shall say all 6 is by he is a chef at a great restaurant so I don't have to have a job and I actually do work part time 2nd of all how am I wrong for a store be closed when they should be open so I'm complaining for no reason whatever you probly one of the store employees that is super ghetto don't have no type of education but you're talking about me you're going through comments and reviews to post ignorant comment it shows you have no life and you probably get foid stamps I don't even receive food stamps so it's funny how I'm being characterized as a food stamp recipient and even if I was what does me having foodstamps have to do with KFC does KFC accept food stamps actually they don't so you sound really retarded and dumb and if you want to make this world a better place why don't you try to create laws to help people and to benefit the low income instead of getting on comments and being judge mental because you never know what situation your in the future and I'm so glad I am a good person and I am not in a bogus situation in my life I'm actually doing pretty good for myself Humble yourself instead of trying to act like you're better then someone You bleed just like I do best belief when you close your eyes and judgment day come whatever you built on Earth you're not taking it with you I honestly would never thought that me posting a review on a restaurant that was close 40 minutes earlier than scheduled time with no type of notes or anything on the door would result in these type of comments thank God I am a strong person with strong values and I do not let people or opinions affect my future sorry god bless because you guys need it


Blacks complain about EVERYTHING. Get a job!

to TheTruth #1568341

I already have one. you're saying does not even make sense white people complain more than {{redacted}} people most {{redacted}} people do not take the time out of their day to complain or talk to a supervisor or someone with some higher authority normally that's white people so why you're trying to racially profile get your facts straight


I agree with Tonya. Stop being a drama queen

to BarbaraAnn #1568332

You seriously need to find better ways to get rid of spare time you have Why don't you take a mile in my shoes you dumb bright I took the time out of my day to hop on a bus to get my kids dinner could I get off late went to the restaurant in it be close 40 minutes early but I'm wrong I will love for you to do the same thing and tell me how you would feel if that place was closed I don't know where you're from but I'm from Chicago you must don't know what Chicago is known for dummy why don't you come to my city in say that then but I know most likely you wouldn't because you will be scared out of your mind double locking car doors broad


So you have no idea why they closed early? No water, death, registers down.

No you just get mad and write this. And stop eating out you can buy a car

to Tonya55 #1561138

Rude! Maybe that is the only transportation she has?

At least she’s looking out for her children, right? No water? Death? Registers down?

No reasons to close! No water? Have some brought in. Death?

Who died?

Registers down? You can still calculate orders and accept cash ONLY.

to Tonya55 #1568343

I love your comment because all this is going to do is make me go harder and contact corporate and dig deeper into the situation because your comment shows me that you probly one of the employees or a family member I don't know what you are I don't know why you're even commenting on a review for a restaurant like your a restaurant owner.

to Tonya55 #1568353

If i knew what happend would i be on website dummy probably not spend that spare time on more productivity than wasting on a comment for a restuarant you dont own come to chicago talking like you are you will leave in a body bag we dont play out here tonya

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