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The Kentucky Fried Chicken on E. Northwest Hwy., Dallas, Texas, is the worst I have ever experienced. One night I called and ordered 6 chicken pot pies from work. When I arrived I had to wait and wait. They said it was because they had such a small oven. Last week I drove thru and ordered 2 chicken pot pies. I was told that they did not have any. So I ordered 2 boxes with sides of the grilled chicken. When I got to the window they said that they...
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The original KFC Colonel is dead and so is there chicken pot pie.What they call a chicken pot pie today is a glob of slop dumped in pan with a crust only on the top,shame on you KFC for selling such a lousy product,in days gone by they had a excellent pot pie,just put it on the list of every thing going bad after all OBAMA' IS PRESIDENT. Maybe they should concentrate on selling a quality product instead of paying these celebrities to imitate the...
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