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Not being able to eat the cold slaw due to allergies nor drink the pepsi I had to use my entire lunch time returning back to the KFC to lodge my complaint. The staff was friendly & exchanged my order for the correct food. However, I no longer had time to eat it. Not to mention that I had to drive 10 additional miles to take care of something that should never have happened. The manager offered no compensation for their error & my inconvenience....
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I liked
  • Oringinal chicken
I didn't like
  • No compensation offered for
  • No compensation offered for wrong order
I went to kfc in ripley tn 38063 this afternoon the food was bad and had a spoil taste to it the mash pototes taste lsour the tea was not sweet so when i call to the store about my food the manger ken ernies was been real rude tell me that the food was fresh and that he was not going to give me a refund or not to replaces my food i feel like i should have a least get my money back my meal was the 3pieces big box never had a bad expermint from...
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Kfc Big Box Combo Meal Review

I purchase a 3 pc big box meal and they charged me 11 dollar and so when i got home the only thing i saw is the chicken and side orders and i ask for wedges and they didnt put it , plus i got charged for extra like what a bad handling they have as taking good care of customers ....Is the kfc located in iselin nj