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Hi my name is Roberto I was very unhappy with my service I revived at store #k71134.I in return asked for my money back and the employee replayed "you got me *** up" slammed the drive through window and did not return.

No one came back to the window and the line behind me the other customers were gettin crazy. I did not get my money back and I called the the store 8 times and no one answers. I took to Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram. And shared with every.

I will never spend another red cent with KFC , Taco Bell, Pizza Hut , or anyone that sells Pepsi products to make sure I don't get this same type of experience. I'm totally done. My name is Roberto and my number is 267-991-0919/gmail is:

Side note: I'm not eating one crum and I'm returning the food and I also have receipt .On the receipt the cashiers name is Diana unless one of the guy name is that there was no female in site plus it was a manager who slammed the window

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I wonder what happened before the window was slammed, you are obviously leaving that information out.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States #902188

What was the problem, it is unclear from your post? Also, for your own health sake, keep away from those fast food places, they serve garbage. I had an experance years ago late night at a Taco Bell drive thru, some punk kid added some after shave to one of the food items, when I took it back they were laughing, i got my money back but I should of called the police and sued them.


What the eff do you expect?Its KFC for crying out loud!

Its hard to care when you're barely getting paid minimum wage.Grow up man.

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