Kfc 5-dollars Fill-up Combo Meal Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Every now and then I drive thru KFC for their $5 fill-up box, since it's the only fried chicken close to me. I can't stand "mashed potatoes" made from flakes or powder, like what they serve at KFC. Not only is the taste and texture bad, it's loaded with a bunch of chemicals. So, I get the potato wedges instead. Never again! They refuse to let you pick your side for their $5 box now. Even though they advertise that all their sides cost the...
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I didn't like
  • Negative customer service
I recently visited one of your locations in Fort Worth Texas on Altamesa Boulevard I ordered the $5 fill up and notice it came with one side and a drink a cookie biscuit leg and thigh i asked the person at the drive-thru if I could substitute an additional side for my drink because I did not need a drink she told me no I do that all the time when I go to KFC but it only seems that I have lots of issues when I go to this particular KFC so I went...
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Original ? I don't think so. However, the not so pleasant young lady at the counter assured me it was original. OK so were did the flavor go I asked, and she just laughed and walked away. Inside the brown was the greasiest chicken I ever seen, even from them in the past. The sign on the table said, if your not satisfied, we'll replace it!!! With what another piece of burnt grease. I'm done with KFC, they should just close the doors and...
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I didn't like
  • Size of the chicken pieces
  • Bad food quality
  • Kfc
Your store on Lemmon @ Wycliff in Dallas is not serving fresh quality chicken. Ordered your $5 box Sun. 05/29/2016, original, when sat to eat thought they gave crispy, no problem. Not much of a complainer, but it was original, yet dry. Returned today and ordered the Monday special. Same results, chicken skin and meat dry, so this tells me that either not rotating properly with shelf time or over cooking. One time o.k, but two days in a row tells...
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