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I recently saw a facebook post regarding the abuse your employees enacted toward a deaf couple. I believe I will boycott all KFC restaurants from now on.

Maybe a class action lawsuit may get your attention. Hate crimes are illegal. Seems to me that the management needs to take a stand and investigate this incident. Perhaps there are more.

Is it funny to make fun of ones handicap? Worse yet, this female employee seem to get others involved. With employees like these I believe there must be more situations where others have been discriminated against. All people, no matter their color, handicap, creed, race, religion, etc.

should be treated with respect. If the restaurant employees can not do this, perhaps they should not be working with the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kfc Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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KFC needs to do the right thing to these people that were treated so poorly because of their handicap. Video going viral, try over 30 million views now.

Shame on you KFC. Your food isn't rocking so hot anymore. My food order is always messed up. Biscuits are always hard as a rock.

All your stores employs only teenagers with I don't care attitudes. Pretty soon you will be a memory of what was once a good restaurant chain. People are tired of a bunch of smart mouth teenagers waiting on them. Do the right thing KFC and clean your kitchens out.

Also do the right thing for the hearing impaired coupled that were humiliated by your employees. Shame on you KFC, I am all the way in Ohio, so the word is getting out there.


Plus everyone should get on YELP and file their complaint there.


I to saw that FB video and am appalled at the extreme rude illegal behavior of the entire staff that night they should all be fired and the manager on staff that night should be sued along with KFC restaurant. WHAT A TERRIBLE THING THEY DID.

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