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On Saturday, September 13, 2008, around 5:40pm I went to your Pittsberg, PA, KFC. I ordered two baskets of chicken (32 pieces) for a get together with my friends. When I asked for 20 plates I was advised that the plates were typically for eat-in customers only. When I asked why they were discriminating against people who take out I was told they are always running short on plates but he would ask his manager if I would like. When the manager told the cashier I could only have 10 (and she was doing me a favor at 10), I then asked to see her. Evidently a shift manager, told me that her manager would not let her give out more. She suggest that if I wanted anymore plates that she would charge me five cents per plate. So, with 32 pieces of chicken and 20 friends coming over I had to be late to my own party because KFC refused to accommodate a reasonable request by a customer. The other people in line as well as my party guests (about 25 people total) also thought this was poor customer satisfaction.

I worked at Mcdonalds when I was in college. I understand what customer service is all about. This definately was not customer service.

To make a long story short the manager asked me. (A well respected nurse) to leave the store. I had to go to another store to buy paper plates.

I think KFC should give me coupons to tempt me to go back to the restaurant and comp me for the money I wasted on paper plates at Wal-mart ($4.77)when they clearly discrimated against me for being a take out customer. There were 250 plates and only 1/10 of them were used the rest were wasted. I had to throw them out and they cost money for me to buy.

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you are so cheap with your fried chicken lookin asz :cry ha


Shut the *** up, you degenerate c_nt. You need to be commited and given an extensive urine and gasoline enema. However, I would not take the time to pee in your butt.

Cheers, you nazi ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #36236

Gee - Try dozens of restaurants in the past six months that she has discovered the site. She wrote more than two letters, all demanding some sort of refund, (giftcard, coupons,) and all telling about how she is a registered nurse and better than everyone else.

I have a feeling that she or he is just some troll writing all these replies just to see how people reply. Than to add more twist to their game the then go to every letter that they write and say that they did not write this letter/comment.


KFC does not provide place settings for parties and get-togethers. Last time I checked it was a fast food restaurant not a caterer.

I suppose you don't have dishes at home or they don't sell paper plates in the stores?

Oh and for future reference there's no "e" in Pittsburgh. :upset

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #35366

You must have had a difficult week, two different restaurants made your life a living ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #34785

Here we go again.

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