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I drove up to the drive-through speaker and they didnt quite understand me but this happens only when I take coupons there at the specific store when I got up to the drive-through the gentleman told me he was $9.52 well I know what it originally cost I had a coupon for five dollars for two bowls and I told me are you excepting my coupon he said no and if you dont like it go to another store then I asked him why he shut the window off on me and flipped me off his name is Rafael colored person shift supervisor I dont know what kind of people you have working there but you and I have some kind of background check on these individuals because things just dont seem normal at this restaurant they are very hhostile and disrespectful hostile and very

User's recommendation: Not take any coupons to this place.

Location: Sacramento, California

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You need to learn punctuation, grammar and the English language. You should probably go inside next time.

You appear to have trouble communicating and probably took it out on the worker. Your post makes you sound stupid.

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