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This is third time out of the last three times I have went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and been cheated out of my fill bucket of chicken. Today I was cheated a leg, the time before that a thigh and the time before that is was a breast and a thigh.

I have been cheated out of a biscuit and once before my gravy was left out. When my complaint was brought to the Manager's attention he took care of it but his employees knew about it and treated us badly throwing our chicken in the bucket knocking the skin off several pieces so we let him know again that we shirted and he did nothing. Here we are a third time cheated chicken we paid for. The order takers play these games where they act like they don't here you and make you repeat yourself over and over on your sides after you have clearly stated what you want.

The Rome Georgia K.F.C. needs some serious training.

I am highly disappointed in the way they conduct their business. Just thought everyone should be aware to count your chicken you may be getting cheated as well.

Thanks for listening.

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Skimming is a problem at many stores. Employees however need to eat too so they will sneak a piece of chicken or biscuit in hopes a customer dooesnt notice.

to Billy Bals #1486601

The chicken is given to the employees every night..they eat plenty of eat and don't think they are skimming the customers chicken..if anything it's management trying to reduce food cost.

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