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I stopped in at KFC on Hwy.77 in Chipley, Fl. today. There was one customer ahead of me waiting to place his order. He turned to me and remarked that he didn't think anyone at KFC was taking orders today as he had been waiting for a while. There were 5 employees that I could see some working and some loitering in the kitchen area. After about 5 minutes one employee casually sauntered up to the counter and took the first gentlemans order. He then... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 6 hours ago
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Went to kfc in greenville nc on statonsburg rd. Service was terrible. Waited 20 minutes for food. They weren't busy either. They looked like all teenagers working. 3 on break. Didn't get order right. Missing food when got home. I will Not eat at this location anymore. Food wasn't even hot.

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  • From mobile
  • 12 hours ago
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Had a maggot crawlin on my chicken took the chicken back ASK for a manager and noone ever came to talk with me and haven't heard from them yet. i have not slept or ate because i keep seeing that nasty thing . Very poor quality for a Restaurant

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Winchester Virginia Berryville Avenue went in there to get some chicken where did 25 minutes nobody took my order when I said something I just nobody really gives a *** I won't go there again the customer service sucks there this is not the first time this has happened and it probably won't be the last but it will be for me by the way I went by Bojangles and I have my meal within 5 minutes imagine that people that actually know what they're... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 25
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Store in bridgeton NJ, Very bad service today. Forgot potatoes and the chicken was to be the crispy and was not. Also it was smashed. The chicken was bad had to throw away. Have to travel 10 miles for refund. Not worth it. Will not eat there any more.

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On a Friday night, after a long work's day, my honey asked me to stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken on my way back home to get him dinner. So, I did stop; I decided to go through Drive Thru, no customers either behind or in front of me. I waited by the speaker to place my order, rolled the window down to hear the speaker going off. called my honey to ask him what he wants on his order, because the order was too long I asked him to please text me the... Read more

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After going to KFC in Kansas city, Missouri in Grandview (Truman Corners), I order 20 piece hot-wings, after waiting 20 minutes to have my order cooked. I went home only to find the hot wings were not done. Every last piece were so red in the inside, it was horrible, and made me sick to my stomach. I immediately took the chicken right back up there. The manager did refund my money, but this is NOT the first time this has happened to me. I will... Read more

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Kfc Sanitary Conditions Review from Houston, Texas
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Visited kfc last night and had to wait over 30 minutes in drive thru for food. Then once I got up to the window, the young lady did not give me my complete order so I had to drive around and walk inside and waited probably 5-10 more minutes. When I got inside this has to be the dirtiest place I've ever been in. The ceiling had damage to it and green spots growing by the vents and it was a slum. I took a few pictures because I am a restaurant... Read more

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Well had a great experience at kfc Saturday walked in and a young lady by the name of Dominique takes my order smiling happy and loving I was having a bad day and she cam right in like the sun a shied up on me you guys should have a Dominique at every store thank you Dominique you are a force of nature this was at the Conroe location by the way my name is Dominique to so it really made me happy lol Read more

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Dear KFC How you did it again is just puzzling. After two months of fighting a return to your restaurant I returned today at 12:41 pm to order a family sized grilled chicken meal. And YOU HAD NO GRILLED CHICKEN AT LUNCH TIME ! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? YOU ARE A CHICKEN RESTAURANT Not only have you permanently lost me but I will be an active messenger about my experiences. I'm amazed you own a franchise of ANYTHING. On Jul 21, 2016, at... Read more

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